NEC Motorcycle Show (22nd November 2019)

NEC Motorcycle Show

Memories!! Memories!!

NEC Motorcycle Show November 22nd 2019

IFMR members and friends are meeting for breakfast in the cafe at the Motorcycle Museum on Friday 22nd November 2019 for a pre-bike show natter. Nev and JH will be in the cafe/restaurant from 09.00am. Change of time from 09.30am to 09.00am as President Phil tends to arrive before everyone else. (do we need to put AM if there is a 0 in front of the time?). Answers on a postcard to Phil.

The National M/c museum is located at the junction of the M42 (no. 6) and the A45 and is very near the NEC, the restaurant is on the first floor and can be accessed without paying to enter the museum.