Open Door Christmas Party 2017

Annual Christmas Party for members of the Open Door Club

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Every year members of the Inner Wheel Club of Dursley host a Christmas Party for members of The Open Door Club in Dursley, a club for adults with special needs.  For many years this has been held at the upstairs room at Dursley Tabernacle.  This year was a little different .........

With a last minute change of venue to the Community Room behind the Tabernacle because of 'Health & Safety', with the wet and windy weather being very unkind, and with less time to get the room ready, club members rallied round to get tables up, tablecloths on, christmas crackers ready, crisps, sandwiches, cakes, mince pies and drinks prepared - together with everything else for the Open Door Christmas Party.  An urgent message went out to Santa so that he knew where to find us and after all of that, members of The Open Door Club thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Santa arrived with his sack full of presents and everyone sang along with Christmas songs.

 Another really satisfying and happy event