Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions for using the rotary-site.org website templates

I have run this project for many years and as things have advanced, a clearer set of terms and conditions of use is required. 

  1. The website templates are for the use of
    • Rotary Clubs (outside GB & Ireland) as their MAIN website
    • Any Rotary Club for a club project website, for example, www.rotary-site.org/bala-challenge
    • Rotary Fellowships
    • Inner Wheel clubs
    • Rotaract clubs
  2. An ANNUAL payment (currently £95 GBP) is required for use of the template.
    • Payments must be made to 'The Rotary Club of Conwy Trust Fund', via the link in the administrator's area, from where Conwy pay The Rotary Foundation after deducting operating costs. 
    • (It is hoped that the net payment can be credited to the Rotary Club that is using the template, for PHF recognition - however, this hasn't yet been confirmed by Rotary International).
    • New sites that register have one month 'trial period' to experiment with the features and can preview their pages in the administrators area. Note the pages will not be available in public until payment has been received and the 'short url' for the site has been decided (this is the 'bala-challenge' part of the url linked in 1 above). After the one month trial period, sites - and all content uploaded within the trial period - will be deleted if payment has not been received.
    • The date when the sites payment renewal is due is displayed on the site administrator's main administrators page. The site will not display if payment is not received by the 'renewal due' date, though an administrator can log in after this date and make the payment. Sites are usually deleted 2 months after the due date if no payment has been received.
  3. Site administrators have control of the content posted on their site.
    • They must ensure they abide by the privacy policy
    • They should NOT post personal contact information, e.g. email addresses, on public pages, without the written consent of the individual. 
    • No defamatory, adult or otherwise offensive material shall be uploaded. Administrators must ensure that content will not bring the Rotary Club or Rotary International into disrepute.
  4. General notes:
    • The service provider is 121 Technology Ltd
    • The contract is between 121 Technology Ltd and the club using template
    • Payments must be made via The Rotary Club of Conwy Trust Fund, preferably using PayPal to ensure a minimum of 75% is transferred to The Rotary Foundation. Please note, if you pay direct to the bank, less money might go to TRF due to the higher transaction charges levied by the banks. Easier and more effective by PayPal.
    • Neither The Rotary Club of Conwy nor 121 Technology Ltd are liable for any financial loss suffered by users caused by
      • the user failing to make the annual payment on time
      • any interruption to the hosting supply
      • any other reason.
    • Use of the site is subject to UK Law.

Features of the template

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