Features of the template

Features available in the template websites that benefit The Rotary Foundation.


Whilst primarily aimed at providing Rotary Clubs with an easy-to-use website, the template also has a number of club administration features available - at no extra cost

template features

Website Facilities:

All clubs using the template have the following;

Club administration:

All sites have a password protected members area, only accessible to members of their club.

Members can:

calendar of meetings and events

In addition to the above, the site administrator (who controls things) can:

For the benefit of The Rotary Foundation!

No setup fee!

(I have run this project for several years at my own expense and the annual cost of £95 now includes £20 to go towards hosting and support costs. £75 is paid to The Rotary Foundation).

Please see the tutorial site for further guidance

Chris Sweeney

Rotary Club of Conwy.

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