This site is based on the RIBI template system I designed, which now has over 1100 Rotary clubs and 20 districts using it for their website. Each club makes an annual payment, totalling £50,000 GBP (about $80,000 US) EACH YEAR for The Rotary Foundation. Latest figures and a random list of these club sites is available here.

Some different users of this template:

A selection of Rotary Club, Inner Wheel, Project and Fellowship template users:


Rotary Club Club d'Amboise (Français)

Rotary Club Language Test Site (Français)

Rotary Club Paphos Aphrodite (English)

Rotary Club Petersburg [Breakfast] (English)

Rotary Club Princeton, Kentucky (English)

Rotary Club Turku International (English)

Inner Wheel Club Chipping Sodbury (English)

Inner Wheel Club District 127 (English)

Inner Wheel Club District 18 (English)

Inner Wheel Club Dursley (English)

Rotary Project Barrow Santa Dash (English)

Rotary Project Guildford Eye Project (English)

Rotary Project (English)

Rotary Project REMIT (English)

Rotary Project Rotarians 4 Mental Health (English)

Rotary Project Rotary Jaipur Limb (English)

Rotary Project Sheffield Young Artists (English)

Rotary Project Tackling Hunger (English)

Rotary Project Tour de Furness (English)

Rotary Project Tree of Lights (English)

Rotary Project Tutorial Site (English)

Rotary Project Websites for The Rotary Foundation (English)

Remember, an ANNUAL payment is required for use of these sites, which are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German.