The site home page

The home page can display in a variety of different ways - all easily managed by the site administrator

The site homepage - several displays are available

The example in the 'main picture' above, shows the 'standard' layout in use - no carousels or featured pages.

The club has chosen not to display the diary options, which includes the calendar of events. More options can be set in the 'homepage and options' page.

It's easy to add extra features to the home page, including:

These features either happen automatically, or are easily added by the site administrator (usually by ticking a box - nothing difficult!).

On the right of the page (NB - only on the right when viewed on a large display - it's quite different on a phone or tablet) the 'main pages' and their small 'main pictures', if present, are displayed  UNLESS you have meetings or events that are happening in the next 30 days - as highlighted below, in which case the display changes automatically. Of course, these events are only displayed if they have been entered ino the site!

 Why the home page is important;

The home page is the most important. NOT because it is the page that people will go to automatically when they first visit your site (which it isn't), but because it is linked from EVERY page in your site and people are likely to go there as a second page if they found you via a search which took them to a sub-page. If the sub-page was interesting, they might see what else you have on offer - and the logical place to start is the page labelled 'home'.

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