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Sites can have a full-width carousel on their home page, if they wish. There is a choice of two styles.


If you decide to have a full-width carousel, there are 2 options;

  1. A 'normal' ratio of 3:2, suitable for those who don't know how to resize images and want to keep things simple or
  2. A 'letterbox' style carousel

The default option is the 'normal' format, but it is easy to switch - in fact, you can upload one set of images using one format, then change the option and upload a different set of images in the other format. You could then periodically change the display option and your homepage will have a different look immediately! I wouldn't recommend doing it too often - every few months is fine.

Remember, this - like many things on the template - is optional. You may prefer to wait until you're familiar with using the template bfore trying this. 

Visit the home page of this site and use the form to switch this site's full-width carousel f ormat., so you can see the effect.

1) The 'normal' ratio

Most cameras produce images using a 3:2 ratio - but note that smartphones may have a different ratio. It will speed up the process if you can resize images to 1500 x 1000, though this is not essential - so don't be put off if you don't know how to do this.

An advantage of this format is that it's relatively easy - the disadvantage is that at certain screen sizes, it fills the whole screen and visitors will need to scroll down to see that there is orther content. Such is the nature of 'responsive' designs.

2) The 'letterbox' format

This is probably for advanced users - though it's not difficult, it does require knowledge of how to resize and crop images using your own software. Most things in the template do not require much knowledge of anything technical!

As you can see from the graphic - and the carousel displayed on this site's home page - getting the proportion's right for your full width carousel pictures can be important! Having the carousel is completly optional - you may choose to have 'featured' pages displayed instead, or neither.

If you do choose to have the full-width carousel;

  1. For best results, crop photos to 1500 x 500 pixels, as shown in (1) in the graphic.
  2. Some pictures will still display OK if they aren't the correct proportions - but it depends on the particular image.
  3. Don't use portrait format pictures!  These will be squashed and stretched and look awful!


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