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Welcome to the place to read all the latest news from Rotary Radio UK and the successes of Rotary around the world!

Our very best wishes to all Rotary and all around the World as we head into 2019!

Listen out for messages for you from Barry Rassin, President of Rotary International,  Brenda Cressey of The Rotary Foundation and Debbie Hodge, President of Rotary International Britain and Ireland.

Rotary Radio UK was at the Rotary Institute at Stratford upon Avon. We are still featuring interviews from there and also compiling a programme about Rotary now and future. 


Our weekday shows 

The Steve Wood Show is broadcast every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:00 until noon.

Steve will be playing a wide range of music, interviewing guests and taking a wry look at the news and the world.

On Wednesdays, from 11:00 his show includes the Rotary Radio Quiz – a general knowledge quiz covering current affaires, sport, general knowledge and trivia plus musical interludes, which can be played by single listeners, couples of any description and larger teams. There are no points, prizes, “coverted trophies” or cash bonuses, it’s all just for fun. Listen in for regular contributions from Karen Mead.

Contact from clubs and individual Rotarians has exceeded our expectations and we are delighted by the level of support and encouragement we have received.


We are geared up- to conduct live phone-in programmes and Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland President Debbie Hodge will be calling whereever she is for a monthly “on-air” conversation.

Our database of music tracks is continuing to grow meaning there is music for all tastes on Rotary Radio UK.

We have some great people coming forward to begin their training and presenters. Studio Manager, John Robinson, is guiding their microphone ways and the handling the technical side of broadcasting.

All of this means we are well prepared for the growth of the entertainment and news in the months ahead.. So, switch on Rotary Radio UK on your computer, tablet, smart speaker and mobile device.




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Live Launch Success!

What a day we had on Saturday 13 October, 2018!

We are extremely grateful to all the guests who visited to take part in the official live launch of Rotary Radio UK, for the time and funding provided by all Rotary clubs and Rotarians to the idea since its inception, and to all of YOU for your support!

Rotary South East District Governor Brenda Parsons put her signature as the first in our Visitors' Book before going live on air to officially launch us on our way.

It was with tremendous pride that we launched Rotary Radio UK, with a bright future to look forward to as we broadcast the Rotary good news from clubs around the World. Not fogetting all the tunes of the music you love and talk of the topics you want to hear about.

As ever, please get in touch via to let us know the details of your upcoming Rotary events and successes, To enquire about sponsoring the station and to let us know you are interested in joining us as a support volunteer or presenter enail!

And, even more simply, THANK YOU!

Welcome to the LIVE page for listening to Rotary Radio UK!


Welcome to the place to read all the latest news from Rotary Radio UK and the successes of Rotary around the world!


As our radio station grows this is where to find our regular schedule of music and interest.

The On Your Bike charity cycle ride has been held in Gravesend for over 30 years

To broadcast around the World we need loads of information about activities and events. This is how to send your news and events to Rotary Radio UK.


Here is the list of our dedicated Rotary Radio UK presenters; where you can find out their style of show and what Rotary means to them.


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The home of Rotary Radio UK - the famous Criterion of Blue Town, Sheerness!

Find out about the Rotary Radio UK studio and the remarkable premises it is based in - the extraordinary Criterion of Blue Town, Sheerness.