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Here is the list of our dedicated Rotary Radio UK presenters; where you can find out their style of show and what Rotary means to them.

Steve Wood - Chairman and Presenter

Steve Wood is a founding member of Rotary Radio UK, a former President of his club (Sittingbourne and Invicta) and a fan of the All-American-Songbook!

Since having retired as a Education Recruitment Manager for Kent County Council, Steve is busier than ever with his hobbies of painting, travelling and (especially) radio.

Steve formulated the initial premise for Rotary Radio UK with Studio Manager John Robinson - with both men enjoying community radio and realising the potential of broadcasting Rotary causes and successes over the medium.

As a former President, Steve is keen for Rotary Radio UK to inspire many members to listen-in and take part in helping to build-up and establish our new station, and to attract new members of all ages to Rotary.

A huge fan of the Great-American Songbook; listeners can expect to hear the essential songs of the past 60 years on Steve's show, as well as the lastest tracks from the USA.

John Robinson - Studio Manager and Presenter

John Robinson is a Trustee of Rotary Radio UK and the Studio Manager, a Presenter and Trainer; meaning he is pretty busy around the station. Since retiring, John has worked with a number of community radio stations as a Presenter and also in an advisory and technical capacity.

John enjoys all types of music from the 1950’s to the present day - though if asked to pick his favourite music genre it would be New Country as it crosses over into so many other genres.

He will be presenting a number of shows on Rotary Radio UK but look out for the New Country Show in which John hopes to win a few converts to his eclectic taste of music!

John is new to Rotary, having recently joined Sittingbourne Invicta Rotary Club as an Associate Member, and is looking forward to reporting on all the good news from his club on the airwaves!

David Hatcher - Trustee and Presenter

David joined the Rotary Club of Medway in 1990 and is no stranger to being involved in media and broadcast activity.

His involvement with radio began as a serving police officer in 1978 when he was appointed to the Force Press Department of Kent Police, producing a monthly programme on BBC local radio, later designing and delivering the first national police training course helping police officers better manage their involvement with the media.

In 1984 David was selected as the senior police presenter on the monthly national television programme BBC Crimewatch UK, continuing that involvement for 15yrs alongside his day to day police command role. 

David will be presenting programmes that include a wide range of musical tastes, old and more recent material, interspersed with news and comment about what is happening in Rotary locally and nationally.

In addition, he will be featuring project material that illustrates the diversity of Rotary in helping others, be it with the pet project he founded in 2009, Rotary Children’s Hospice Family Holidays to Disneyland Paris or his other main volunteering role for ShelterBox Humanitarian Aid Charity, delivering shelter and other non food items to beneficiaries in disasters around the globe.

He sees the potential for Rotary Radio UK to become a vital communication aid for Rotarians and the general public, to raise awareness about the value of Rotary. 

David has been made a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow for his charity work with disabled youngsters and wants to share the sense of fulfilment this provides to inspire other like minded potential Rotarians to experience the same sense of satisfaction.

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Here is the list of our dedicated Rotary Radio UK presenters; where you can find out their style of show and what Rotary means to them.


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