As Rotarians, we know we are not experts in this field but we can help maintain awareness of this subject and point those affected in the right direction where they can get help.

On the right hand side you will find tabs to take you to pages detailing:

- Resources for Rotarians (featuring flyers of supporters of our Don't Bottle It Up campaign;

- Sources of Help (We know we are not experts but we can point you in the direction of where you can seek help if needed);

- Speakers (Mainly a resource for Rotary clubs, this details speakers we are aware of who are willing to speak on various Mental Health matters)

So what can we as Rotarians do to really make a difference?

  1. Learn more about the different types of mental health problems via Mental Health First Aid courses
  2. Support mental health groups in our own communities
  3. Help Raise awareness via community events, health fairs and talks
  4. Invite a speaker on Mental Health to talk to your Club
  5. Learn what steps to take to look after your own mental wellbeing

Understanding mental health problems

Mental Health problems cover a vast array of symptoms and conditions, for more information on different types of mental health problems visit

Looking after our own mental health

Tips on how to look after our own mental health from the Mental Health Foundation

Please also visit our Facebook page where you can see updates on Mental Health issues and link up with others who want to discuss such matters.  Click on the Favebook logo below.



Rotary International makes a ground-breaking commitment to tackle poor mental health across Great Britain & Ireland

Led by Rotary Clubs in Devon & Cornwall,  Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RotaryGBI) has committed to tackling poor mental health across Great Britain and Ireland by signing up to the Prevention Concordat for Better Mental Health from Public Health England (PHE).

Click Here (or on the Public Health England logo above) to read more




This page of our website provides details of speakers on various mental health topics which we hope you find useful.


This page contains images that you will eventually be able to download and use to help create and maintain awareness of mental health issues.


We know that as Rotarians we are not experts, but on this page you will find links to organisations who can provide help and support


One of the aims of our Rotary campaign is to encourage thise with mental health issues to seek help. Here are links to some of those, sharing their stories.


On this page of the website, we will be providing details of some of the projects, clubs and districts throughout Rotary & Great Britain & Ireland are undertaking towards mental health issues.


What are we doing as Rotarians? Find out more on this page


Rotary in the South West are delighted to launch this programme of free courses, run by mental health experts, to enable businesses to become more mental health aware