What is Rotary ?

Description of Rotary International and our Rotary District

The Rotary movement is a 1.2-million-strong global network of people dedicated to community and international service, creating lasting positive change and fostering international peace.  For more information visit http://www.rotary.org

Paphos Aphrodite is one of 20 Cyprus Rotary Clubs, within Rotary District 2452.  The District consists of 9 countries, each of which takes it in turn to nominate a District Governor and his ir her team.  For more details about the District, visit http://www.rotaryd2452.org

A key international aim for Rotary is the elimination of polio worldwide.  For further details click here http://www.facebook.com/rotary/videos/10155448276624837/

The theme for Rotary Year 2017-18, which begins on 1 July, is given below.

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