Wheels Project Launch at the London Eye

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Launching the Wheels Project

To celebrate our 90th birthday on 10th January 2014 all clubs have been asked to support the Wheels project by providing something with wheels, however great or small, to a deserving cause, charity or person within their area.

To launch this project around 250 members gathered at the London Eye on 4th October 2013 armed with balloons and sporting sashes, banners, rosettes, flags plus lots of other stuff and dressed in lots of blue and yellow.

We were well supported by the many charities we have helped over the years.

It was a brilliant day.  The sun shone so we had a good view over the sights of London.  The sound of constant chatter was amazing!

That's what Inner Wheel is all about - meeting old friends, making new friends, having fun doing "good" at the same time.