How It All Began



Paul Harris founded Rotary International in Chicago Illinois in 1905 and within 10 years it had spread to the British Isles. Wives were very involved in helping their Rotarian husbands with community service projects. 

The friendships made led to further service on their own account. Social events were organised and speakers invited to entertain and inform. Thus unofficial groups of ladies with Rotary connections were meeting in various parts of the country unknown to each other, prior to 1923.

On 15 November 1923 a group of ladies called a meeting at Herriott's Turkish Baths in Deansgate, Manchester, to set up a club on Rotary lines.   By the time of the next meeting on 10 January 1924, held at the Social Club, Lower Mosley Street, Manchester, funds had been raised and woollen garments knitted and sent to local hospitals. It was at this meeting that Margarette Golding became President and suggested the name "The Inner Wheel Club of Manchester". 

Many other Clubs followed and were divided into Districts.  In 1934 The Association on Inner Wheel Clubs in Great Britain and Ireland was formed. 

Inner Wheel spread throughout the globe leading to the formation of International Inner Wheel in 1967. Current membership worldwide is over 100,000 covering 101 countries or geographical regions. There are 29 Districts in Great Britain and Ireland encompassing 936 Clubs and 23,285 members.

Inner Wheel is the largest women's organisation in the world and has representation at the United Nations.

10th January is now celebrated as Inner Wheel Day around the world.