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International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (Great Britain & Ireland Chapter) (IFMR is not an agency of, nor controlled by Rotary International) Visit our World-Wide IFMR Chapters HERE
International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarian members outside the Manor Hotel in Meriden

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The UK chapter arranges trips in the UK and overseas both in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere as can be seen from our Diary page.

All Rotarians and their partners interested in motorcycling are welcome to apply to join the fellowship and can apply through this website or direct to the Fellowship's Hon. Secretary, Rtn. Rob Gittins (see Officers above)

Members can find out more about the IFMR from the links on these pages and from the members area where they can book places on the tours arranged within the fellowship - comment on our programme, leave your views, contact other members or your committee directly with new ideas and suggestions for and generally be a part of the Fellowship as never before

Welcome to our International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians little part of cyberspace where a request to the Webmaster or any member of the committee will bring an email with your user name and password to enable you to access the Member's area. The front page of the website will remain fairly static as the main area of this site is aimed at our members but we welcome any comments from members of the public who may have an interest in motorcycling and what Rotary is all about

One of the reasons that many of us joined Rotary is to adopt Rotary ideals of service both Internationally and within our communities. To create an enjoyable environment for all in the true spirit of Rotary and to support Rotary International in their aims to advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education and to alleviate poverty and child mortality. Through the Fellowship of Rotary and especially the IFMR we achieve that goal

A few interesting observations about these islands of ours and how fortunate we are to live in such a free society when many do not

From the map (courtesy of O/S) you will see 5 great capital cities representing 5 countries that make up the British Isles all of which have their own parliament. Eire (Southern Ireland) being totally independent and the only country of the 5 to adopt the Euro

There is also another parliament on one of our most famous islands (well to us motorcyclists) and that of course is the Isle of Man

The diversity, the people and the history is what makes these British Isles Great. Famous names of towns and cities shown on this map of the British Isles can be seen across the world in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, India and many more influenced during the days of Empire

Millions of visitors come to Britain every year for many different reasons, some to trace their ancestry, others to marvel at places like the Giant's Causeway in Ireland, the Western Isles of Scotland, the Valley's of Wales or the beauty of the stone buildings of the Cotswolds but all can be assured of a welcome from one of the friendliest people on earth




The International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians (Great Britain & Ireland Chapter) supports various charities, including the Rotary Fundation and Rotary's programme to iliminate Polio throughout the world. Click HERE to see more about our programme.

The Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians is not restricted to the UK alone. We have a world-wide representation and the Chapters in other countries can be seen from the main website from HERE.

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