An appeal to Health Professionals to get alongside colleagues who face challenges in delivering good care

We invite health professionals to join a task force of volunteers

THERE are gaps in health care provisions between countries. Sometimes they are due to poor infrastructure, transport and communication. Sometimes they are due to shortage of health professionals.

One way health professionals from developed countries may help  to reduce the gap is by volunteering time and skill. 

Rotary volunteering is unique because it is delivered in partnership with host clubs, who are the eyes and ears of their communities. 

The International Fellowship of Rotarian Doctors wishes to explore how we may galvanize health professionals to channel their skills and good will for the benefit of others.

To start with, we would like to find out how many health professionals are willing to offer their skills in a voluntary capacity. If we have an insight into what skills we can access, then we may be able to match those skills to the needs of organisations which need them. 

We therefore invite health professionals from all background  (medics, nurses, paramedics, allied health professionals, managers) to indicate willingness to be connected to those, who due to shortage of health professionals, may be struggling to serve their community.  

We hope to work with Rotary clubs, Action Groups and other organisations who already have a passion to improve health care thus providing potential volunteers the chance for hands-on involvement in locally conceived sustainable projects.


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Are you interested in using Rotary volunteers to improve health care?