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Bandey- Hefler Fellowship Exchange

UK Rotarians next Visit Massachusetts in the Fall 2018

Massachusetts Rotarians next Visit UK in the Fall 2019

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The Opportunity of a Lifetime

  • Host an American Rotarian couple for 3 to 4 days
  • Show them your favourite places
  • Make friendships that can last for years
  • Become eligible for a free exchange trip to Massachusetts USA (NB - you pay for your own flights)
  • Experience a wonderful opportunity to advance international understanding

Bandey-Hefler provides a Rotary Fellowship Exchange where Rotarians visit each others countries and are taken around and hosted by Rotarian Families in Massachusetts in late September and early October. Rotarians - Don't miss your chance to be part of the very rewarding experience of either visiting or hosting like-minded American Rotary couples and or being part in a visit to the USA at a future date. Please volunteer to host a visiting Rotarian couple or single for a few days.

Click on the Contact tab link above if you wish further information

Thoroughly Recommended By Participants

A recurring THREE YEAR CYCLE Rotary Fellowship Exchange with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts USA for about two weeks. As a visiting Rotarian you will be hosted by three (occasionally four) Rotary families and given tours around the sights of the State.  . . . .  In return the UK Rotarians from two Districts host American Rotarians here. To participate in a hosted trip in the USA, you must host first.

The exchange covers about a two week period in late September and early October (depending on host availability), when Massachusetts is often a full blaze of autumnal colour as the trees turn to wonderful shades of red and orange.

Many established BANDEY-HEFLERS often host again, keeping up with existing friends and making new acquaintances.  To keep it fresh and interesting it is essential for new couples to get involved in the Exchange in order to maintain its ethos and also giving the new participants qualification to participate in an unforgettable trip to the USA in the future.


Excited by a free trip to the USA and You Want to Participate . . .

If you wish to participate in this year's event please use the contact form below or use the drop down contact form above to find out more.

UK visitors from Rotary Clubs in Districts 1110 & 1145 (South and South West London, Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire and Dorset) visit Massachusetts and the following year a similar number of the Americans come over to England for us to show them around. Then there is a break of one year, whereupon the process begins again with the visitors (not necessarily all the hosts) being newcomers.

  • Year 1 - Autumn: UK Rotarians from Districts 1110, 1140 and 1250 visit Masssachussetts
  • Year 2 - Autumn: Return Visit - American Rotarian Friends Visit from District 7910, Central Massachusetts
  • Year 3 - No exchanges take place, then the cycle repeats itself.

When the American's visit to our shores, we need up to eighty hosts to look after them for just a few days each. Please consider helping and you will find it a very rewarding experience.

  • Hosting periods:
    • Period1      Period 2      Period 3
    • 4 nights       4 nights        4 nights
    • First and last period hosts collect or return their guests from/to the airport
  • Meet your guest's other hosts and exchange plans at The Welcome Party
  • Meet again at The Farewell Dinner to enjoy finding out what everyone did.

Find out more . . . .

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